Gustavo Ardila | About


I am Colombian by birth, my heart is tied for life to my American wife, and I live in the beautiful and diverse city of Washington, D.C.  I am in constant search of new creative forms and spaces to develop my passion for photography. This passion is nourished by my wanderlust, the myriad shapes, smells, flavors, and colors of my travels.  On the open road, the air is clearer!  I am a lover of road trips, with more than 100,000 kilometers traveled on the highways of Colombia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, the U.S., Ecuador, Portugal, Panama, Turkey, Chile and Pakistan.  Many more to come!



Work experience in massive consumer marketing for major international brands, market research and analysis, public relations and media management, social media and viral campaigns, event planning, and diplomacy.  Having graduated as an industrial engineer -- from Colombia's most selective university, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota -- I bring a systematic approach, pairing creativity with a bias for action and results.